Place the food under cold running
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Salt should be added when the vegetables reach the boil.2.Green and leaf vegetables must be started in boiling salted water and the water returned to the boil as soon as possible. They may be covered with a lid until boiling point is reached but then should be cooked with the lid off to prevent loss of colour.

Water lost by evaporation must be replaced in order to keep the food covered.4.Any scum that rises must be removed.The cooking liquid must be drained away the moment the food is cooked and the food refreshed in cold water; otherwise the cooking process will continue.6.Pickled meat must be started in cold water to remove excess salt.

Herbs and spices may be added to the liquid to improve flavour.Parboiling means that the food is not more than half cooked by boiling in salted water. Cooking is completed by another method such as roasting (potatoes) or braising (celery).BLANCHINGThis post is just following on from basic principles of boiling food, to blanch means to subject food to the action of boiling water or hot frying medium for a short period of time.

Often food that has been blanched is immediately refreshed: that is, the temperature of the food is lowered as quickly as possible in order to stop the cooking process. Place the food under cold running water or immerse in iced water.Blanching is used for a number of reasons:-1.

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